Louie Gohmert: Ebola Is Really Democrats Waging A ‘War On Women Nurses’

Louie Gohmert suffers from a particularly strange brand of idiocy. Speaking on Glenn Beck’s show on Thursday, he claimed that the two nurses infected with Ebola were part of the War on Women. Seriously. We can’t make this stuff up (though in some cases, we wish we were).

Gohmert accused CDC Director Tom Frieden spearheading a new Democratic War on Women Nurses by throwing these two nurses to the wolves. But, well, nobody’s ever really accused Gohmert of having any sense. He said, according to his own YouTube channel:

“You know, it’s a shame that the CDC head, Frieden, apparently is the commander of the Democrats’ new war on women nurses. Because, goodnight, they set them up, and then they throw them under the bus. […] Well Glenn, [unintelligible] the first nurse. The idiot comes out and says that clearly she had violated protocol. At least in football, they have to tell you what you violated.”

Really? Come on. One would think that a U.S. Representative would be smarter than he is, but apparently we are sorely incorrect. Gohmert was either making an ill-timed and highly inappropriate joke, or he really is this stupid, and this ignorant of the facts. Ebola is not a joke, and neither is the War on Women. But Gohmert is probably trying to work the angle that an impending Ebola epidemic in the U.S. is all Obama’s and the Democrats’ fault. To pin it on some imaginary “War on Women Nurses” makes it seem even sweeter to his dim mind.

According to CBS News, nurses’ union and the CDC both claimed that it was the hospital that violated protocol in caring for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil, and then die of it. It was not the CDC that said the nurses violated protocol, and the nurses didn’t say they violated protocol.

The hospital has shot back, saying that the protective gear the nurses wore was within CDC guidelines. They admitted that some of the suits may have been too big and thought that the nurses might have cinched them down with tape. They also said they stuck with CDC guidelines in collecting and sending Duncan’s specimens for tests.

One CDC official did clear Amber Vinson, the second nurse to become infected, to fly commercially. Her temperature was below what the CDC considered a fever. However, Director Friedan said that should never have happened.

Gohmert is desperately grasping at fictional straws. He doesn’t even have the facts straight enough to twist them.

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