Loretta Lynch’s Poignant Response To Pat McCrory’s Bigoted Bathroom Law Left People In Awe (VIDEO)

Last March, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed an executive order that the out-of-touch governor claimed will “protect the privacy and equality of all North Carolinians.” In actuality,  it discriminates against transgender people, so not really protecting all North Carolinians, just the ones old Pat doesn’t think are scary.

The new law entitled HB2 requires individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender of their birth, a law McCrory claims will protect children from men who dress like women so they can sneak into the ladies room and somehow abuse children. If that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to you, good news! You’re a rational and decent human being. I guess the governor’s next move will to be to pass a law stating men are not allowed to buy women’s deodorant!

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HB2 is stupid on so many levels. First let’s consider how the delusional governor plans on going about enforcing such a ludicrous law. Does Pat plan on putting armed guards at every restroom in North Carolina to check people’s papers and then take a peek down their pants?

Next, there is the detrimental cost to the state of North Carolina as many musical acts and companies refuse to do business in the state until HB2 is repealed. Added to this cost is the overwhelming financial loss that North Carolina will suffer if the federal government cuts their federal funding to the state. Not that McCrory seems concerned about such things. So much for Republicans being the party of fiscal responsibility!

And finally, there is the fact that there has never been even one documented incident of a man disguising himself as a women to gain access to a women’s bathroom, and then using that access to abuse children. Let that sink in for a moment, not one incident. In a country where there has been at least one incident of every twisted and vile thing you can imagine, never has a transgender person, or a person dressed as one, abused a child in a public bathroom.

Not only has McCrory’s hard-nosed stand cost his state millions of dollars in lost revenue and propelled his state into the national headlines, making North Carolina the target of countless jokes, memes, and late night monologues, now McCrory must deal with a long and arduous lawsuit filed against his state by the Department Of Justice.

In an interview Monday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch did not hold back her contempt for McCrory’s ridiculous law stating,

What we must never do is turn on our neighbors, our family members, and our fellow Americans for something they cannot control and deny what makes them human. This is why none of us can stand by when a state enters the business of legislation identity and insists a person pretend to be something or someone they are not.

Lynch went on to add,

This is not the first time we’ve seen discriminatory responses to moments of progress. This law provides no benefit to society. All it does it harm innocent Americans.

Time and time again, we have seen the disastrous effects of right wing legislation that works to impose Republicans’ twisted ideas of morality on a country who, for the most part, is not concerned about who marries who, what a women choose to do with her body, and where a transgender person decides to go pee.

Watch Loretta Lynch’s brilliant reply to North Carolina’s inane bathroom laws here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9G5W04DjSc]

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