Longtime GOP Donor Compares Trump To Hitler, Likely To Support Clinton – Others Follow Suit

If Donald Trump hasn’t been fulfilling his promise that he’ll fund his own campaign (and he hasn’t), he may have to start soon. A new report indicates that major, longtime Republican donors are lining up to support Hillary Clinton for president, and are comparing Donald Trump to Hitler and Mussolini.

“Make that decision”

According to ABC News, at a private summit in Park City, Utah, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman compared Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

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When asked why Whitman didn’t support Clinton, Whitman noted that she was still uncommitted and was waiting for the convention:

We’ll see, get to the conventions, see who the vice presidential picks are. And then I will make that decision.

Color me shocked; a woman who doesn’t like Trump.

Whitman is a big donor, too; she’s contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates and causes over the years, according to the FEC. And then, in March, she gave $100,000 to a conservative super-PAC that opposes Trump.

Other donors present seemed to hint that Whitman would jump ship to support Clinton, too. Scott Keller, a Trump supporter, said of Whitman:

I see Meg Whitman supporting Clinton, and I’m surprised about that. I love and respect Meg Whitman but, my gosh.

According to an informal poll, the donors were evenly divided over who to support. I should reiterate again: this is a private summit hosted for conservative donors. It’s not an even mix of liberal and conservative donors, even though the polls might indicate otherwise.

Don’t mistake her for anything other than what she is, though: A conservative. I doubt she’s supporting Clinton for any other reason than the ones she elucidated — that Trump’s character is comparable to Mussolini and Hitler.

Normally, I wouldn’t be crowing. So some big donor decided to shift parties; big deal. That’s part of what’s wrong with politics, right? Well, sorta. Here’s the thing: Whitman is the canary in the coal mine for conservatives. Trump is not popular with the people in high places and hasn’t been from the beginning. And while this may have been a primary cycle framed by populism, this isn’t the good thing Trump and his supporters pretend it is.

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