Long Lost Footage From 1963 Segregation Protest May Show Bernie Sanders Being Arrested (VIDEO)

Recently, many Republicans (and even some Democrats) have questioned Bernie Sanders’ dedication to fighting for equality and justice.

There is now footage that appears to depict none other than a young Bernie Sanders being arrested during a protest against the segregation of Chicago schools in 1963, 53 years before his dedication to equality would be questioned.

The footage, which has never before been made public, was discovered by Kartemquin films while they were working on a film depicting a “now and then” look at the Chicago school protests.

Sanders has not yet commented on this footage, nor spoken about its authenticity, but it is a matter of public record that he was indeed arrested during a segregation protest on Aug. 12, 1963. If this 53-year-old footage is authenticated, it would shut down those that are trying to frame Sanders’ activism as either pure rhetoric or at least “absentee.”


The film that Kartemquin films is making,  called ’63 Boycott, is described as:

63′ Boycott chronicles the Chicago Public School Boycott of 1963 when more than 200,000 Chicagoans, mostly students, marched to protest the segregationist policies of CPS Superintendent Benjamin Willis, who placed aluminum mobile school units (trailers) on playgrounds and parking lots as a “permanent solution” to overcrowding in black schools. This Kartemquin film features then and now interviews with organizers and participants of the boycott with never-released 16mm footage of the march and student interviews

As “proof” of activism goes, a videotaped arrest for protesting the unfair and unequal treatment of Chicago’s youth seems to be about as iron-clad as it gets.

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