Long Live Sweet Irony: States That Rejected Medicaid Now Paying More (INFOGRAPHIC)

The world can be a real nasty and unforgiving place — utterly devoid of humanity and hope. Sometimes, however, there are moments when Karma actually feels real. For example:  red states that rejected the Medicaid expansion are now paying more per capita for coverage.

In an effort to hold on to bitching over nothing rights, red states chose to snub the black Muslim witch doctor by outright refusing the Medicaid expansion. While Obamacare was passed in haste when President Obama had a Democratic Majority in Congress and it does contain many minuses, it also contains a slew of positives. Chief among them is the Federally funded Medicaid expansion, which is slated to insure 21.3 million low-income Americans in the next decade.

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States that chose to opt out are experiencing exactly what analysts predicted: higher Medicaid costs.

According to a recently published Kaiser Family Foundation, Republican-controlled, non-expansion states are seeing their share of Medicaid costs rise more sharply than expansion states.

We did see a higher growth rate of what states spent of their own dollars on Medicaid in the in non-expansion states than we did in the expansion states” said Laura Snyder, a senior policy analyst at the Kaiser Family Foundation. The report found that total spending in expansion states grew by 17.7 percent, but the state spending only grew by 3.4 percent. Meanwhile, state spending on Medicaid in non-expansion states increased by 6.9 percent as total spending rose by 6.1 percent. (TPM)


Image via @TPM

Image via @TPM

Snyder isn’t totally clear on what is driving the trend, but a number factors appear to be at play. But it’s palpably clear that having the federal government bear the burden for Medicaid expansion costs for the first few years certainly helped expansion-states reduce their own spending on the program after it expanded. Moreover, However, Medicaid expansion states have actually saved money.

There’s some potential the ACA is having some effect in the report we did,” Snyder said. “Among the expansion states, some of them noted savings in other parts of their budgets, some of them also noted savings within the Medicaid program.  (TPM)

In short, it’s pretty obvious that Baracknophobia leads to nothing but boners for Fox News. In other words, it doesn’t help the working class in any shape or form.

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