LOL: Twitter Discovers Something Hilarious When You Visit

As if the notion of Ted Cruz officially announcing his entry into what is shaping up to be the 2012 GOP race on steroids wasn’t hilarious enough, it seems some folks at Twitter stumbled upon something even funnier.

Apparently unaware that it’s Donald Trump’s week to be running for president of the news cycles–and equally unaware that there’s a better chance of the next Pope coming from Timbuktu than a Ted Cruz presidency–the Teapublican Texas Senator is going to scare all 3-year-olds around the country (and world) this Monday with an official announcement. Blah, blah..who cares.

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Twitter is mostly made up of a instagramed pics of butts and poor spelling from angry trolls, but sometimes you stumble upon some real gems. For example, it seems some Twitter users made this massively ironic discovery: visit and it will bring you to the Healthcare landing page.



That’s right–if any potential tinfoil cap-wearing, ammosexual Ted Cruz supporter attempts to visit that above url in  hopes of giving Teaparty Ted some of their trucknutz selling money, they will instead be brought to the nexus of the gov-mint hating universe; that is, the webpage that hosts Obamacare. No worries–it seems irony is covered under Obamacare.

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