LOL–Sarah Palin Calls The Donald ‘Candidate Trump’ And A Whole Bunch Of Other Drunken Buffoonery (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin sat down with Jack Tapper before the kiddie table debate in Las Vegas tonight and did what the half-term quitter does best: She made a complete fool of herself. Sounding like the Palin we all love to poke fun at around election time, Sarah delivers a few minutes of word salad that just scream, “Barkeep!…bring me another.”

There’s just no other way to describe it. Could it be that I’ve had one too many in giddy anticipation of the Donald Trump versus the world that’s about to happen? The funniest part about these things is that they think they get good ratings because Republicans are better. Nah. It’s because they’re hilarious. It truly is a clown show, and Sarah Palin is their queen.

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And with that I give you this…beautiful little tidbit of the silliness that is Palin as the perfect warm-up to the horrifying comedy hour to come.

Watch Sarah Palin drunk rant her way through an interview before the CNN debate below:

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