LOL! Republicans Can’t Stop Fighting With Each Other Long Enough To Pass Their Own Budget

Man, oh man, John Boehner just can’t catch a break. After a humiliating defeat over Homeland Security funding, where 54 members of his party sided with Democrats and killed his stop-gap measure, Boehner and other Republicans are eager to show the world that they can govern; unfortunately they can’t stop fighting each other long enough to get anything done.

House Republicans have abruptly delayed action on a sweeping budget resolution, unable to unite the party’s deficit and defense hawks on a plan to boost funds for the military.

Shortly before midnight on Wednesday, the House Budget Committee called off a vote on a plan to remove restrictions on additional defense dollars, a proposal to placate lawmakers intent on easing the pain for the Pentagon. [Source]


The problem is that some of the members of the party want to add billions of dollars in defense funding, in order to ease the military’s budget cuts. You know how Republicans loooove the Military Industrial Complex; but other members are not having it. The result is a whole lot of infighting and a stalled Congress. . . AGAIN.

The Republican party seems to be crumbling before our very eyes. After years of Tea Party lunatics controlling policy, the more sane members of the GOP are fed up. Boehner is caught in the middle of it all and not doing a very good job of bridging the gap.

Not only have they lost the ability to compromise with Democrats, but now they can’t even compromise with each other. It’s like watching a bunch of five-year-olds who all want the green crayon try to run a country.

While Republicans on the Hill continue to fight, Democrats are sitting back eating popcorn and watching the show. We have said for years that Republicans don’t know how to govern and if they were given this opportunity, they wouldn’t get a damn thing done.

I hate to say it but. . . we told you so.

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