LOL! Guess What Happened When Chris Christie Showed Up At A Racetrack In New Jersey (VIDEO)

If you happened to hear a sonic boom near or around Monmouth Racetrack in New Jersey earlier today, that wasn’t the sound of Chris Christie’s 2016 Campaign crashing down, but rather the sound of 60,000 boos. Not even Bill Murray, who was also at the famous track in New Jersey to watch Triple Crown Winner American Pharaoh in action, could make Christie any more popular.

Never before has a massive crowd turned from raucous cheering to such visceral hatred so quickly than when Christie stepped into the Winner’s Circle to present American Pharaoh the trophy. It was almost as if when Ivan Drago entered the American boxing ring to face Apollo in Rocky IV, only Christie is an American and New Jersey is his own state for f*ck’s sake!

Here’s a little sampling of the response on Twitter:



And here’s some amateur raw video of the booing (clearly not all given the shooting location) that was given to us courtesy of Twitter user @Redheadsays:




It’s almost like that scene from the Simpson’s when Smithers has to reassure Mr. Burns that Springfield wasn’t booing him, but rather saying “Mr Boourns.” So perhaps one of Christie’s handlers had to do the same so as to not allude Christie to the fact that he’s despised by his own state.

Hopefully N.J. Senate Democrats are successful in their efforts to make Christie pick up the tab for his own little 2016 power fantasy, as N.J. tax payers would be better off financing a Betamax factory.

Featured image via video screen capture from YouTube

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