LOL! Canada Introduces Bill Simplifying Move To Canada In Anticipation of Trump Win

Most Americans know Canada as the place where people have an interesting accent, hockey is religion and everyone is so polite that they talk about you to your face. So maybe they gave us Justin Bieber and that’s pretty unforgivable, but liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made up for that by calling for a variety of liberal measures. For example, the legalization of weed, reducing the importance of religion, and gun control measures to reduce the number of guns available in Canada. You can almost hear the outrage forming at Fox News.

Better still, Trudeau is now making moving to Canada much easier in anticipation of enough uneducated Americans electing Trump, self-anointed King of the Morons. 

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The monumentally vapid and totally brainless GOP debate from the other night has shown America is perilously heading down the road to perdition on the small bus. It was so infantile and petty that Bravo’s Housewives of Orange County were offended by its lack of substantive debate. But should the very skilful salesmen of stupid and racism manage to hoodwink enough stupid racists into voting for him come November, Canada’s Prime Minister wants to make a mass exodus to Canada a lot easier in the form of a new citizenship bill.

The bill also shortens the length of time someone must be physically present in Canada before qualifying for citizenship, and allows time already spent as permanent residents to count towards the residency requirement. (The Canadian Press)

At the moment, it takes six years of living in Canada to become a citizen. But who can wait that long should Trumpenstein  occupy the White House. Heck, our country could become Mad Max by that point. However, if the proposed bill passes, the requirement will be just three years. I think 3 years of living with universal healthcare, great medical pot and not having to deal with the South could be doable. Of course, this is all assuming Trump doesn’t decide to invade Canada over a mean tweet or something.

Featured image via Brad Pict/Flickr and modified by Michael Hayne

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