LOL Alert: New Twitter Hashtag Asks For Things Lincoln Didn’t Say And Lampoons GOP Hardcore

Twitter often has some of the best comedy on social media, but when you are looking for a real laugh try this hashtag, #ThingsLincolnDidntSay — you will thank me when you do. People’s imaginations, and politically pointed one-liners, have been piqued by this awesome tag.

It seems that no one is safe from the ribbing, not even Lincoln himself, but especially not the GOP candidates, like Cruz, Trump, and Carson. Let the lampooning begin!

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Even John Fugelsang, Twitter aficionado, got into the fun:

There are a ton, but here is a selection of some of the best:

Donald Trump seemed to draw an awful lot of fire, could it have something to do with his epic disapproval levels?


In fact, the entire Republican party seems to be the butt of the joke:

And, speaking of the Republican party, even Fox News got slammed:

As you can see, this is honest, good old-fashioned fun — tweet safely and don’t forget: sometimes it is all about what people don’t say. Pass on the laughter, it’s good for you.

Featured image via Twitter




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