LOL Alert! Jeb Bush Says He May Have His ‘Very Popular’ Brother Campaign For Him (VIDEO)

You may have noticed that former President George Bush has been glaringly absent from his brother Jeb’s campaign. If you are like me, you may have assumed it is because his brother was the worst president in history and he didn’t want to taint his campaign with that kind of poison — but that may not be true for much longer.

During Fox News interview on Tuesday, host Brian Kilmeade told Bush that he thinks it would be a really good idea for him to bring George on the campaign trail with him.

“Is that something that you think, if he could tell your story as well as you can if not better, is that something you’re considering?” Kilmeade wondered.

Jeb responded in a way that truly makes me believe he is delusional:

Yeah. It is something to consider because he is very popular. And I also know I need to go earn this.

“My brother has been a strong supporter and I love him dearly,” he added. “He’ll continue to play a constructive role.”

HAHA! What is he smoking? George certainly isn’t popular among the families he destroyed with his destructive economic policies. Or the families who lost a loved one in his War of Lies.

I think that Fox News may have trolled him a little bit with that nonsense.


Featured image via video screen capture

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