LOL Alert: George Bush Just Got The WORST 70th Birthday Present EVER

It’s still so hard to imagine that it was but 8 years ago when President Yosemite Sam left the oval office, after setting the entire world on fire. Then again, with Donald Trump now taunting us with a potential luxurious presidency, I almost pine for the simpler days of George Bush. Today was former George W. Bush’s 70th birthday and boy did he get the worst present ever:  a multi-volume report absolutely ripping his signature foreign policy to pieces.

Today is the day the British government released its long-awaited report on the decades long foreign policy miscarriage that was the Iraq War.

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Its criticisms – that the war was hasty, ill-thought-through and the cause of decades of disaster in the Middle East –will hardly come as a warm and fuzzy gift for the worst president in history . Seven years in the making, Sir Jon Chilcot has been tirelessly collecting evidence and conducting interviews regarding the abortive War in Iraq. The report, however, primarily focuses on the British government’s role in the war. But since then Prime Minster Tony Blair was the People’s Poodle and lived in George Bush’s a$$, the former president comes up quite a bit.


The Chilcot Report reveals a stash of private correspondence between Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, illustrating Blair making major commitments to the US before consulting his parliament – or even his closest political allies. Thus, Blair was forced to defend a virtually indefensible and untenable position that will forever taint his legacy: why invading Iraq was the smart and correct thing to do.

We don’t expect George Bush to stop eating his Spongebob Squarepants cake or quit playing pin the torture memo on the donkey, but this has got to cause him at least a nanosecond of reflection.

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