Listen To Trump Supporters Threaten To Use Gun Violence If Trump Gets Election ‘Stolen’ (VIDEO)

For a few years now, starting somewhere around 2007, Republicans have been fueling the blind rage and gun fetishization of their voter base in order to turn their supporters into an easily manipulable mob that can be relied upon in elections. It’s allowed them to take over the House and Senate during Obama’s presidency rather easily.

The problem with this is that it’s worked better than Republicans expected. They managed to convince their know-nothing, rabid, gun-swinging, angry white man militia that they really VALUE their voice and will carry out the “will of the American people.” Remember all the times John Boehner and Mitch McConnell said “The American people” had spoken as their excuse to obstruct Obama for 8 years?

The problem is, it just so happens that this huge glob of Republican jackassery that they call “the American people,” now are demanding Trump be the nominee.

Let me show you my shocked face, because who could have seen this coming after 8 years of nothing but “guns guns guns Benghazi guns socialism Benghazi?

This isn’t a joke. We had huge crowds of people pointing guns at federal employees over a herd of freakin’ cows in Nevada. Can you imagine what the hell could happen at a huge event like the RNC if Trump actually gets the delegates and the Republicans pull some end-run around B.S. and hand the nomination to someone they chose for themselves? It’d almost be laughable if it wasn’t really this serious.

Watch Trump supporters make not-subtle threats about using guns to get their way below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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