Listen To Ben Carson Tell The World That He Is An Idiot Who Doesn’t Believe In Evolution (Audio)

Sometime during the murky hours of the dawn of mankind, long before this earth would see modern-day man, a group of human-like ancestors buried their dead in a deep, dark cave. The bodies of the deceased, from infants to the elderly, were brought into this safe resting place through tight, twisting rock crevices and were safely kept there forever. That is until a recent expedition found them. Homo neledi, at a minimum of 200,000 years old, and possibly as old as 2.5 million years, left us a treasure trove of bones belonging to this human ancestral species. This is an incredible find, both exciting and full of new information.

Well…not for everyone. people like GOP nominee hopeful Ben Carson are gonna have to figure out how to explain it away.

Why? Here it is in his own words:

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Amazing, isn’t it? In this time of scientific growth and discovery a doctor seeking the nomination to run for the President of the United States of America can deny that science is a thing. Ben Carson, the first neurosurgeon to separate twins conjoined at the head, doesn’t believe in evolution.

He believes that God created a “mature earth,” intimating that God created earth with all the fossils in it already. That would be like creating an adult human with scars from childhood accidents that never happened. He believes that there must be a God because humans have eyes and DNA is complicated.

He also says in the video that we are still “missing” the in-between forms despite the fact that there are many  known in the human family tree, like Homo habilus, Homo erectus, Homo neaderthalensis and now Homo naledi. His decision to disbelieve evolution seems to not change when presented with facts.

Carson is running for the most influential office in our country, yet refuses to admit the fact that our solar system is billions and billions of years old. Not even the knowledge that the scientific community has endorsed the Theory of Evolution is enough to sway Carson from his belief in a completely contradictory and arbitrary religious view of the earth, humanity, sexuality and Christian superiority. That such a well-educated man could adhere so strongly to patently untrue and archaic, disproved beliefs is not a good sign. How can we trust him to even CARE what the actual facts and evidence are in any given situation when we know he disregards such solid truths in favor of his feelings?

When it comes right down to it Carson is the same kind of leader as those that jailed Copernicus and Galileo for heresy, the same kind of leader that burned women at the stake for witchcraft and the same kind that shipped and sold their fellow human beings for slavery.

A man of faith is fine, but a man who sticks his fingers in his ears like a small child, stomps his foot and refuses reality is not. Anti-science, anti-marijuana legalization, anti-reality, anti-marriage equality and appropriately running for the GOP nomination.

Here is a video describing the discovery of Homo naledi for all the nerds who just NEED to science:

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