LISTEN: Republican Mark Levin Flips Out, Trashes GOP Chair Reince Priebus Over Debate Clown Show

Seeing Republicans attacking each other in a blind rage is easily one of the most satisfying political experiences a Progressive can have. Few of them are better at channeling a sniveling constipated hate than Mark Levin, who is likely the worst inflamed hemorrhoid the Republican party currently has. Levin took to the air on his radio show, the day after the recent CNBC GOP debate impersonation of drunk primates flinging their own poo at each other, to scream bloody murder over how this is all GOP Chairman Reince Priebus’s fault.

It seems that the rabid seething horror that is the modern Republican voting base is the sole fault of Reince Priebus, even though people like Levin are the architects of this wave of irrationality and blind hate.

At least Levin keeps Republicans consistent on “taking personal responsibility” by not doing it at all and blaming someone else for it.

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Let me be clear. I hate Reince Priebus. He is like an evil Mister Rogers combined with Steve Urkel. However, Priebus really isn’t to blame for this. The ultra-hate wing of the modern Republican party really was enabled directly by people like Levin and his ilk back in 2009 before Priebus was on the job. Levin, and other walking Republican hate factories, have cashed in heavily on encouraging the absolute worst behavior by Republican voters. This behavior has pushed their “base” further and further off the reservation to where its literally impossible to be successful in the party if you are not the leader of the Village Idiots Union. Now, when Republicans need to put on vulgar displays of insanity, bigotry, hate, and know-nothingism, just to get nominated, they always look as bad as it was during the CNBC debate. They can’t be left in the same room any longer, even if supervised. Every single day, the Republican party will have to deal with the Tea Party monster they have created and every single day they will be powerless to do anything about it. How satisfying, indeed.

Listen to Mark Levin spew, whine, and sputter over how unfair it is that Reince Priebus couldn’t control the clowns during the CNBC debate below:

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Featured Image: Mediaite

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