LISTEN: Michael Savage Called Bernie Sanders A ‘Liberal Weasel Jew’ Who ‘Hates America’ (AUDIO)

Right-wing radio host Michael Savage is rarely one to mince words. He’s anti-immigration. He compared Donald Trump to Winston Churchill and the President to a retrovirus, and this was just in the last few days.

Overall, Savage is nationalistic, anti-anything liberal and he spins conspiracy theories on par with Alex Jones. He’s even been barred from the United Kingdom because of hate speech.

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The most surprising thing about Savage, though, are his relentless attacks on Jewish people and Judaism in general. These attacks are particularly surprising because Savage was born Michael Alan Weiner; he’s Jewish.

Bernie Sanders is also Jewish, but instead of seeing a kindred spirit – perhaps one in which he has political disagreements – Savage called Sanders a “liberal weasel Jew” who hates Christians and America.

Savage went on to say that Sanders may as well be run by Hillary Clinton, who looks centrist compared to him. “Because by espousing the stupidity that he espouses, it makes her look like a centrist even though she’s a leftist. So he may as well be just a front man for her, a warm-up act.”

You can listen here:

h/t: Right Wing Watch | Featured image via Flickr.

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