LISTEN: Delusional Donald Predicts 9/11 Size Attack By Refugees With Imaginary ISIS Phones (AUDIO)

Donald Trump predicts a 9/11 size attack by refugees with ISIS phones on the National Border Patrol Council’s Green Line radio show’s premier. You know ISIS phones, like “Obama phones” only paid for by ISIS. A thing which doesn’t exist. Seriously.

Trump actually said, in response to a question asking if he felt it would take a 9/11 sized attack to “wake people up about border security”:

I do, I actually do. Bad things will happen – a lot of bad things will happen. There will be attacks that you wouldn’t believe. There will be attacks by the people that are right now that are coming into our country, because, I have no doubt in my mind.

Lack of doubt, based on lack of facts and truth, but hey, it is all it takes to cause yet another flare up of attacks on the most vulnerable humans around — refugees. Of course, the myth that ISIS terrorists are flooding into our country from Mexico is as deeply loved by the right wing as it is untrue.

The fact that these people were driven from their homes, bombed, have had their families slaughtered, and are victims of ISIS doesn’t seem to concern Trump. Why get caught up on details like, um, REALITY? This isn’t the first time he has flipped out about refugees owning phones.

However, like his compadres who believe if a person has a phone or nice clothes they don’t deserve food stamps — regardless of financial need — it is a widely accepted ‘red flag’ to the conservatives, indicating nothing other than THEY WEREN’T ALWAYS REFUGEES. And in any case, cellphones are lifelines for refugees, not a conspiracy.

In a blatant attempt to create a panic, and a shameless repetition of information which is widely debunked like ISIS flooding over our US-Mexico Border, Trump insinuated that the very group which has driven these people out — killing all in their way — causing families to have to run or die, is paying for them to have cell phones. No, really:

I mean you look at it, they have cell phones. So they don’t have money, they don’t have anything. They have cell phones. Who pays their monthly charges, right? They have cell phones with the flags, the ISIS flags on them. And then we’re supposed to say, ‘isn’t this wonderful that we’re taking them in?’ We’re led by people that are either incompetent or they don’t have the best interest of our country at heart.

However, he has stumbled onto a very effective campaign strategy, just keep repeating the discredited conspiracy theories loved deeply by the embittered tea party dregs, with little detail. Then sit back and relax, because no amount of fact will penetrate where his words have gone, deep into the hearts of brainless conservative fear-junkies.

Of course, the furor of the educated will then repeat his easily debunked BS because anyone with a brain doesn’t care that Donald Trump kissed xenophobic, conspiracy theorist butt. However, the fact that he just did it on the newly minted radio broadcast of The Green Line, an official production of the Border Patrol Union, without challenge, should be concerning.

You can listen to Trump, here, if you really need to hear it from the horse’s a$$:

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Featured image via Getty Images/Joe Raedle

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