Lindsey Graham: ‘There’s A Civil War Going On In The Republican Party’ (VIDEO)

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s hatred for Texas Senator Ted Cruz is well known. He even joked once about how no one would care if Cruz was murdered on the floor of the Senate. Graham shares this dislike for Cruz with a vast majority of his fellow Republican colleagues.

However, recently Graham, who was once a presidential candidate himself, decided it was time to support his least favorite senator so that Republicans can stop the current primary front-runner Donald Trump. Many feel that Graham has made a deal with the devil, former House Speaker John Boehner would certainly agree with that sentiment.

But Graham’s pledged loyalty to someone as loathsome as Cruz, is a symptom of a larger sickness within the Republican party. Recently on the CBS Show Face The Nation, Graham gave a very blunt assessment of why he felt Trump would lose in November, and even went so far as to describe those who followed the billionaire front-runner as a cult:

GRAHAM: And I think Hillary Clinton is an incredibly flawed candidate, but she will mop the floor with Donald Trump, because, with women and Hispanics, they hate Donald Trump because he’s so harsh and he’s so cruel in his foreign — in his policies toward illegal immigration, and he’s so insulting toward women in general.

The Republican Party, if we embrace Donald Trump, you are rejecting conservatism for Trumpism, which is a cult of a strong man that absolutely is no where near conservatism

But Graham went even further, drawing a clear line in the sand between Republicans for and against Trump:

GRAHAM: Let me just tell my friends, who I really do respect, if you are embracing Donald Trump, you’re destroying conservatism. You will make it hard for this party to ever regain footing with Hispanics, because his immigration proposal is unworkable, is hateful. When it comes to women, we’re alienating women, who should be coming our way after eight years of Obama.

Graham once again listed all of the things that made Trump unelectable, and owned up to the fact that the Republican party is undergoing a Civil War:

So, to my friends, if you think Donald Trump is the answer to the Republicans’ problems with women and Hispanics, I disagree. If you think his foreign policy is sound, you are obviously not listening to the same man I’m listening to.

So, there’s a civil war going on in the Republican Party. I hope and pray that Ted Cruz, who is a reliable conservative, can carry the banner in November, so we don’t get wiped out.

Source: Crooks and Liars.

The Republicans must battle over either nominating two widely despised candidates.

Ted Cruz once shut down the government costing taxpayers millions of dollars just to raise his public profile.

However, the Texas senator’s reputation for doing anything to satisfy his ambitions was never more well earned than in 2004.

As a lawyer, Cruz once argued a case before the Supreme Court, in which he tried to keep a man wrongly sentenced to 16 years for stealing a calculator in prison for the full term. Cruz argued that the man waited too long to contest the error. Therefore, he should have to serve the remainder of his original sentence.

The exchange between Justice Anthony Kennedy and Cruz was telling:

”You’ve conceded that this sentence is unlawful?” Justice Anthony Kennedy asked during oral arguments.

Cruz said yes.

“Well then, why are you here? Is there some rule that you can’t confess error in your state?” Kennedy asked.

No, Cruz responded, saying that the state was concerned about the precedent it would set for other cases.

“Well, so a man does 15 years so you can vindicate your legal point in some other case?” Kennedy continued. “I just don’t understand why you don’t dismiss this case and move to lower the sentence.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is currently being sued for running the scam known as “Trump University” by former students who lost thousands of dollars on fake degrees. He’s also settled a suit in which his contractor used illegal foreign labor to build Trump Towers in New York. In all, Trump has been named in almost 200 lawsuits.

Trump’s a proven vindictive megalomaniac who would make Richard Nixon look like an amateur.

Before picking a side, Graham once perfectly summed up the choice between nominating Trump or Cruz; stating:

It’s like being shot or poisoned. What does it really matter?

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