Watch Lindsey Graham’s Manly Response To Donald Trump’s Insult (VIDEO)

If you thought Rand Paul’s latest campaign video was chock full of testosterone, then you need to see the one just released by Lindsey Graham. Sure, the Kentucky senator uses power tools and fire to destroy the U.S. tax code, but that’s girly-boy compared to Graham’s Turbo Viagra.

In this one released on July 22, you see DESTRUCTION! CRUSHING DAMAGE! Blood and guts and gore – but in the format of circuit boards and electrical wires and disc batteries, all from the cellphones he throws and beats and slams!

Yes, this is how Graham responded after Donald Trump gave out the senator’s personal cellphone number the day before.

Here’s how it all came about. At a July 18 campaign event in Iowa, Trump said John McCain “was not a war hero” because the Arizona senator was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam conflict. Graham defended good friend McCain, calling Trump “a jackass” in a July 20 CNN interview. And in retaliation on the very next day, The Donald gave out The Lindsey’s personal number while speaking at a rally in Graham’s home state of South Carolina, telling people to call “the idiot.”

And to complete this GOP-to-WWF transition, Graham responded with this video below, showing him beating and burning – even chopping, blending, and toasting – a series of flip-model cellphones. It offers many other manly methods of mass communication massacre, too! Says the senator at the close of his operatic-themed video, which is titled “How to Destroy Your Cellphone With Sen. Lindsey Graham”:

If all else fails, you can always give your number to The Donald.

And who knows? Maybe this silly response to Trump’s lack of ethics will do Graham some good, and get his campaign some free press. He’s finishing dead last in all the recent polls, after all.

Here’s the video:

Featured image from Graham video via YouTube

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