Limited Time Only: Douchey Rand Paul Sells Fake Hillary Hard Drives

Hillary Clinton has officially announced her presidential race and it has the right-wing folks ruffling their feathers. Rand Paul, especially, is already up to his typical political stunts. But that’s nothing new to us. You may recall back in February, the Rand team launched a fake Pinterest account in a failed effort to politically attack Clinton in a cool, hip, and modern way.

Now, for the low price of $99.95, you can purchase Hillary Clinton’s email server and hard drive! That’s right folks, instead of doing something meaningful with the monetary value of 14 hours of minimum wage work (taxes not included), you can purchase a FAKE, non-functional hard drive with a Hillary Clinton sticker on it. Nothing would make you happier, right? But act quickly! There are only 80 left and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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CLEARANCE SALE! You’ve read about it on the news, now you can get one for yourself. Hillary’s Hard Drive. 100% genuine erased clean email server. Buyer beware, this product has had heavy use and it currently is no longer working, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable to someone. Anyone?


Image courtesy of Geek

So, with the new election year coming to fruition, prepare yourselves for some unprecedented drama like you’ve never seen. I mean, this is a guy who once filibustered for 13 hours over drones. And let’s not forget, he has already blatantly lied to the people of America by claiming he’s going to be the next president.


H/t: Geek | Featured image via Vice

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