Limbaugh’s Crazy Solar Energy Theory Will Make Your Brain Bleed

Trolling  Rush Limbaugh’s facebook wall is hazardous to your brain cells, that kinda goes without question. However, the following post where he why he thinks the world isn’t ready for solar energy might just be the most toxically stupid thing he has ever said:

Screen capture from Facebook

Screen capture from Facebook

School children know that we store energy in batteries. They even know that we can even send energy through “wires” to “storage facilities” and even on to people’s homes where they utilize it by plugging into “outlets.” This man, who acts as an adviser to a (shrinking) conservative audience has just displayed ignorance on a scale that can’t be described without crossing into sarcasm.

This is 3 a.m. Trump tweetstorm level, ignorant. This is Congress overriding a veto just to bitch that the president didn’t tell them soon enough that the bill was bad, foolish. This is like mansplaining menstrual cramps away and thinking that you look like a sympathetic feminist, absurd. Ok, I think you get the point: this is the level of stupid reserved for the right-wing.

This message couldn’t possibly have been to “millennials,” it was more like a grumpy old man talking to other grumpy old men about how dumb young people are. Except they think young people are dumb because they believe in evolution, equality, and storing electricity in batteries.

Please, Mr. Limbaugh as the right-wing  thought-leader, keep talking. How a grown man is afraid that the Earth turning means that we can’t have solar energy will perplex people, but it just may help convince people to get out and vote against having a conservative in the White House.

Featured image via David Cannon/Getty Images

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