Lifelong Conservative George Will Renounces GOP Over Trump, Urges Others To Do Same (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s polarizing presence in the GP has finally reached maximum influence, prompting long-time conservative writer George Will to announce that he’s leaving the Republican Party.

And he’s urging others to do the same.

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Will is this generation’s William F. Buckley, Jr., if Buckley were less educated and articulate. I have something that resembles respect for Will, even if that something resembles “respect” in the same way a cupboard resembles a tool shed.

Still, George Will is one of the old guards, and I used to think he had some pull with the Republicans. But it looks like even Will was too educated for them — explaining the appeal of Donald Trump — and as a result of that appeal to Trump, Will announced that he was leaving the Republican party during a Friday Speech to the Federalist Society and has switched his voter registration to “unaffiliated.”

“This is not my party,” he said.

When asked later what message he was hoping to send, Will suggested that GOP voters resign themselves to losing in November, and took it a step further, saying:

Make sure he loses. Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.

Will does not like Trump. He’s been heavily critical, and wrote in April that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is threatening the chances of a Republican-majority in the Senate:

At least half a dozen Republican senators seeking reelection and Senate aspirants can hope to win if the person at the top of the Republican ticket loses their state by, say, only four points, but not if he loses by 10.

I agree that Trump probably won’t win, but liberals, progressives, and sane adults who pay attention shouldn’t get cocky. Why? Because of the recent Brexit in the United Kingdom.

This is a textbook case of the dangers of a protest vote. A large number of people who voted “Leave” did so because they were protesting and didn’t think there’d be actual consequences. When the Pound cratered overnight and the English got their first real look at the possibility of Scotland and North Ireland leaving the union and (re)joining the EU, along with the realization they now need a visa to travel to Europe (summer in Spain? Not this year), the consequences suddenly became very, very real. By the end of this decade, there may not even be a “united kingdom” — it might just be the joint Kingdom of England and Wales, with a smashed economy staring down massive trade tariffs with an increasingly protectionist European Union.

How many people are going to “protest vote” by not voting or throwing away their vote on a third party because Sanders didn’t get nominated? Because the dangers of a Trump presidency are very, very real. The lesson, if there is one, is this: don’t be the United Kingdom.

Watch the video below:


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