Libertarians Have Officially Lost Their D*mn Minds: Candidate For Party Chair Strips Naked (VIDEO)

Well, folks, it’s official. The libertarians have lost their d*mn minds. The proof came this weekend when a candidate for party chair stripped naked at the convention and danced around on stage in a thong.

Yes, this really happened. No, this is not satire.

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James Weeks, a latecomer to the race for chair of the Libertarian party, took to the stage at the convention in Orlando and proceeded to make a complete and total ass out of himself.

Weeks flipped on some music and began clapping his hands, urging the crowd to join in. At first, many indulged him and clapped along. Then, things quickly went downhill. Weeks kicked off his shoes and removed his tie, a precursor of worse things to come. He continued stripping and removed his shirt and pants.

The crowd, at this point, had made the transition from politely clapping along with the beat to be doing an outright core at the site of weeks undulating around the stage in nothing but a tiny thong. When he was finally done with his disturbing display he grabbed the mic and announced he was dropping out of the race, adding,

I’m sorry, that was a dare.

Week’s embarrassing display was posted to YouTube on Saturday and was apparently broadcast live on C-SPAN.

Even for the Libertarians, this is more than the normal level of bat-shit crazy we have come to expect. And that is saying something, considering that in Saturday’s debate Libertarian candidate Austin Petersen said the government doesn’t need to build roads because “in the future, we’ll have jetpacks.” He wasn’t alone in making whack job statements. His rival Darryl Perry argued in the same debate that the military should be funded with “donations and bake sales.”

You can watch the Libertarian striptease act here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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