Libertarian Presidential Candidate Calls Out ‘Racist’ Trump On CNN (VIDEO)

When current Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was the Republican governor of New Mexico, he had a front row seat when it came to dealing with border issues. So he knows from firsthand experience that many of Donald Trump’s pronouncements about immigration are simply untrue, and he’s not afraid to say so.

Johnson has absolutely zero love for the presumptive GOP nominee and makes it known every chance he gets. Back in the late winter, the former governor called Trump a “pussy” at the Libertarian presidential debate. Now Johnson is once again refusing to mince words in regard to Trump, saying that his talk about immigrants and immigration is racist.

Johnson went after Trump over the weekend, saying it was “incendiary” for him to be talking about Hispanics and Mexicans the way he has done and continues to do. When the governor appeared on CNN’s New Day on May 31, he doubled down on that rhetoric.

Host Chris Cuomo plays devil’s advocate, telling Johnson that Trump would say the people coming across the border “are often not the best that Mexico has to offer.” Johnson’s reply is unambiguous.

That isn’t true, Chris. That is what is so misunderstood. The people coming across the border are people that just want jobs.

The governor goes on to say that there needs to be a better system of work visas, so people who want to come to the U.S. to work are able to do so. He admits that there are some criminals who are sneaking in, but with a better visa system, he says that the border patrol would be able to concentrate on those people and not “mothers with children that are wading across the Rio Grande” to find work.

Cuomo comes back to Trump’s claim that Mexico sends “their worst.” “Absolutely not true,” is Johnson’s response. He goes on to point out that immigrants commit fewer crimes than American citizens, which is borne out by statistics.

But it’s the end of the interview that is the most beautiful part. Cuomo asks, “Are you ready for Donald Trump…to give you a big punch in the nose for calling him a racist?”

“I think that they’ve already started coming,” Johnson replies. “So, you know, Donald….” The governor puts his hand up to his mouth and blows Trump a kiss.

Here’s the video, via CNN:

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