Liberal Troll Win Of The Week: Huckabee Schooled On Same-Sex Marriage

If you don’t follow the conservative versus liberal politics of Facebook you may not be aware that there’s an army of Liberal Trolls out there fighting for truth, logic and reason.

Liberal Trolls differ greatly from conservative trolls.  A conservative troll’s idea of trolling is to flood a post with ad hominem attacks, post ridiculous off-topic memes and make complete fools of themselves with full caps lock engaged.

The Liberal Trolls, (I capitalize the term out of respect), are completely different animals.  They run pages, have thousands of followers, and attack the stupidity of people like Huckabee, Limbaugh, and Hannity head on.

Their facts are impressive, their methods hilarious, and their characters beloved.

Their troll-fu is strong.

This week’s liberal troll win goes to The Voice of Reason.  Mike Huckabee, being Mike Huckabee, posted this garbage on his Facebook page:

“I may be lonely, I may be the only one, but I’m going to stand absolutely faithful to the issue of marriage not because it’s a politically expedient thing to do because it isn’t. I’m going to do it because I believe it’s the right position, it’s the biblical position, it’s the historical position.”

The ever-familiar conservative mantra on same-sex marriage.  Huckabee plans to stick to his guns and be the ignorant douche he’s famous for being.

Most liberals simply ignore these kinds of posts, because why engage someone who is so obviously bigoted there’s no reasoning with him?

That is a perfectly acceptable stance, and you can rest easy knowing that the Liberal Trolls will be there to get the point across, and that thousands of people will be entertained by their response.

Here’s what The Voice of Reason had to say about it:

There is no one biblical position on marriage, there are many and they include situations in which a soldier could take a POW as a wife, where a rapist was forced to marry his victim after paying her father 50 shekels (but only if he was caught) and polygamy. Does your support for biblical marriage mean you do not recognize interfaith marriages? Do you think marriages should be arranged and that women should be subservient to their husbands? Is there an upper limit on the number of wives and concubines or are you in the “As many as you can afford” camp? Do you think brides who cannot prove their virginity should be stoned to death?

I’m guessing it’s a big “Yes sir!” on the subservient thing because treating women as equals, doing right by them and working towards consensus is harder than reminding your partner that the Bible says she is a sandwich maker.

Historically speaking marriages could be dissolved if there were no offspring produced. Are you in favor of this pre-Christian convention? I’m not. I believe in love and I think the Christians got it right on that one. Speaking of Christians and the historical position: You people don’t always get it right. Same sex marriages were performed in ancient Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, Africa, Asia and across the western hemisphere in the pre-Columbian era and, as John Boswell noted in his ‘Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe’ same-sex marriages were pretty normal up until the Christians took over in Europe.

So you can drop the “not because it’s a politically expedient thing to do” crap.

Refreshing isn’t it?  The Voice of Reason gets the nod for Liberal Troll win of the week.  Do yourself a favor and visit TVOR’s Facebook page.  You won’t be sorry.

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