Liberal Troll Win Of The Week: Boehner Shamed On Facebook For Being A Useless $#@*! (IMAGE)

The liberal trolls of social media are not very happy with John Boehner and the House Republicans over their inability to govern, as proven by their inability to pass a clean funding bill for the Department of homeland security.

In the Liberal Troll win of the week, Facebook’s All Your Base took its frustration directly to the Speaker’s official page, shaming him for being the useless piece of orange garbage that he is.

The post AYB let loose on is yet another “blah blah blah immigration blah blah blah the President can’t do that blah blah blah we won’t stand for it” bit of rhetoric aimed at keeping the 68-year-old hateful Fox News viewing white males of the GOP base hating brown-skinned people.


Here’s the shaming left by AYB:

Hey, Johnny Walker Orange, way to go on screwing up funding for the Department of Homeland Security: By dropping the ball on keeping us safe here at home you‘ve shown that the Democrats aren’t just the party of national security as well as the party of fiscal responsibility but that they’re the only grownups in DC.

You and the other Republicans, the Teahadists and the John Birch crowd you work with can’t see two steps ahead, can you? Now, instead of passing your three-week CR and negotiating from a position of relative strength, you have to find enough adults in the GOP from the Chamber of Commerce crowd to go along with whatever the Democrats say they want which means you now have to pass a clean bill and fund DHS for a year like the marginally smarter Republicans in the Senate have.

With all due respect I have to ask: Are you a pain sl*t or are you just this bad at what you do? I mean, do you like to be publicly humiliated by your own team? Don’t you ever get tired of the Teahadists f**king you in the ***? What kind of idiot can’t pass his own bill? Nice job hiring Steve “David Duke w/out the luggage” Scalise as whip BTW. He did a hell of a job counting the votes for the bill your caucus just shot down, huh?

This isn’t just a loss for your team and a huge win for Obama, this is you showing the American electorate that with Republicans in control of BOTH the House and Senate you morons can’t get your s**t together long enough to do the right thing by all Americans and that the Democrats are the only people actually capable of governing.

And all this idiocy is over what exactly? Not dealing with the immigration reform bill you could have passed in the House almost two years ago? The Republican pipe dream of deporting 11,000,000 Latinos? Just hand the f**king gavel back to Nancy Pelosi because you are f**king done.

You have to love liberal Trolls. They don’t just seek out conservatives to argue with, they go straight to the source.

Please visit All Your Base on Facebook and give them a like. Tell them Charles Topher sent you and you might just get some lemonade and a Nutter Butter.

H/T: All Your Base | Image: Facebook

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