‘Liberal Redneck’ Trae Crowder: Never Thought My Fellow ‘Rednecks’ Would Buy Trump’s Bullshit (VIDEO)

On Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, “Liberal Redneck” Trae Crowder discusses the “ways” of his fellow rednecks and says he never saw this coming.

Maher mentions that he feels that for the past 8 years, liberals have been telling conservative white people that their “time has passed” and that this message, however misconstrued it is, speaks volumes because white Americans have been made to feel that they are now the minority. Maher goes on to say that what happened is that “they voted like a minority.”

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“Yep. They turned out,” Crowder says, “But I’ll be honest with you,” he continues, “I really didn’t expect him to win, ultimately, because I know these people. Like I tell people all the time, I’m like the Jane Goodall of rednecks. I’ve lived among ’em for years — I know their ways…And I’m tellin’ you, man… I know! I know — if you would’ve polled rednecks — not just in the South, but rest too, because we’re everyehere…If you would have polled rednecks 3 years ago, ‘What do you think of Donald Trump,’ I promise you the consensus would have been, he’s a smug, full of shit yankee who thinks he’s better than everybody else, and needs his ass whooped goddammit, OR somethin’ to that effect…”

Crowder goes on to say:

It’s surprising to me that they bought in. That they took the bait. That they bought into his bullshit.”

He and Maher had much more to discuss with the rest of the Real Time panel. Watch the full video below:

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