Liberal Media? Not So Much — Another Major News Outlet Falls Into Right’s Hands

It isn’t enough that right wing GOP donor and Kuato look alike Sheldon Adelson is one of the biggest foes of Democrats and union members, he just got a whole lot more powerful. Just when you thought that money couldn’t get more powerful in politics, Adelson has purchased the largest newspaper in Nevada, the Review-Journal, for $140 million. So, now he can take over the message machine in the state as well along with the business.

Amusingly enough, Adelson spends a lot of time saying that President Obama will “eliminate free enterprise” in favor of a “socialist-style economy.” Clearly, the economy hasn’t hurt him or his business acquisitions. Now he can play with his new toy and spread all sorts of anti-union, anti-Obama, right-wing propaganda.

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Adelson isn’t the only guy buying up media outlets, Seattle TV and radio station KOMO got acquired by Maryland-based Sinclair Broadcasting for $373 million. Sinclair is the company who forced their affiliates to air right-wing propaganda before the 2004 election. Libertarian Jeff Bezos took over the Washington Post and not long after entered into a partnership with The Volokh Conspiracy which is known for their climate denial. Comcast partnered with tea party members back in 2010 to create a right-wing broadcast network online. Yes, that is the same Comcast that runs the cable company. There was, of course, the takeover of the Wall Street Journal by right-wing media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 2011. More and more, the right-wing has been hoovering up newspapers, radio and television

When media outlets get bought out by these people, independent media dies a little more. We here at If You Only News do our part to deliver the perfect news for progressive folks like yourself, but outlets pledging to be legit journalists should always remain independent. We don’t need anymore Fox News’s out there. Adelson owning the Review-Journal is a bad deal for everyone.

Featured image via Donkey Hotey/Flickr.

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