Liberal Fox Host Tells Right-Wing Stalker: ‘You Deserve To Have Your @ss Kicked’ (Video)

At Fox news, apparently, even liberals don’t bother with the “civil public discourse” we all demand but don’t really want to see.

The Daily Caller reports Bob Beckel, Fox’s token liberal pundit on Fox News’ The Five was even less impressed than his co-host Greg Gutfield over the latest stunt pulled by right-wing “journalist” Jason Mattera.  For readers fortunate enough to have never heard of Mattera, he’s an “activist” and “journalist” who stalks government officials and Democratic public figures with a camera crew. and films their responses to his inappropriate requests and questions.

This time, Mattera harrassed ex-IRS official Lois Lerner in front of her house, to ask about the IRS’s supposed targeting of Tea Party groups. Beckel’s conservative foil Gutfield showed part of the video and sneered with contempt for Mattera’s tactics:

“It takes a special gift, to make the least sympathetic bureaucrat on the planet look sympathetic. Seriously, that even made me feel bad for Lerner, and I can’t stand her!”

After Gutfield’s critique, Beckel went in for the kill, challenged Mattera to a fight, and said he’d kick Mattera’s @ss!

“You’re twice as young as I am,. You’re a punk, you’re a coward, and my name is Bob Beckel. I would like you to call me anytime, anyplace, and let’s you and I discuss it. Because you’re a coward, you’re a [CENSORED], you pick on people, and you deserve to have your ass kicked, and I want to do it.”

Then Beckel went on, foaming at the mouth and sounding more and more like his tea bagging colleagues at Fox, calling Mattera a “lousy, lying, un-American punk” who should “go fight ISIS.” Meanwhile, Gutfield launches into a rational-sounding discussion about campaign messaging and strategery, like that “clever” ad from the Koch-funded Center for American Progress (“great people,” Gutfield calls them).

Gee, it’s almost as if Fox News wants liberals to look foolish and belligerent. Please, MSNBC, offer Beckel a job before he fully turns to the Dark Side!

Watch Gutfield and Beckel excoriate Mattera.

Featured photo with screen grabs: Fox/The Five.

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