Liar Sarah Palin Tells Fake Story About Bible-Hating Teacher To ‘Prove’ Christian Persecution (VIDEO)

Lying Sarah Palin can’t find a real example of Christian persecution in America, so she turns to a fake story to make her point…and push her book.

Sarah Palin is back on her own channel after her garbled speech in Iowa last month caused many conservatives to reconsider their longstanding support for the half-term governor of Alaska, and this time, she’s mixed up a whole new word salad for her audience with a dash of debunked story on the topic of religious freedom.

Christian persecution is a hot topic in the new year; Presidential hopeful, Gov. Mike Huckabee, is a featured in a new documentary about how the left-wing is criminalizing Christianity and Palin has just written a new book that touches on the very same subject called Good Tidings and Great Joy (look for it in the bargain bin at Barnes and Noble).

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Palin slurred her way through expressing her contempt for atheists who dare to push against the overreaching religious right:

In my book, Good Tidings and Great Joy, I talk about how our religious freedom is being eroded by angry atheists with attorneys. Here’s another example. Not only have they challenged religion in courts, and you know, they win some of these cases, but they frequently just intimidate and harass and annoy people into caving to their atrocious, ridiculous, nonsensical demands by spreading a false understanding about what separation of Church and State actually means.

Palin then goes into the unsubstantiated story where a good little Christian student seemingly lied to his parents that his teacher said Bibles weren’t allowed in his school.

The mass moose murderer continued with an alcoholic’s slur and a glazed and dim look in her eye:

This is a lesson one Missouri school needs to learn. It’s a 12-year-old student name Loyal Grandstaff — boy I love that name. Loyal Grandstaff. He brought his Bible to school to read during his free time because he loved reading it, but a teacher told him to put it away because it was inappropriate reading material.

Who is this teacher?! Inappropriate reading material. The kid’s Bible.

The story fell apart under scrutiny after the Principal said that Bibles ARE allowed in school.

The story went viral before the correction was made and the religious right were outraged. The Blaze and The Christian Post ran the correction, but somehow Palin “missed” it.

Palin rambled on:

The Principal explained that the Bible was not actually banned from their school. The teacher acted against school policy. I’d add, she or he acted against the Constitution too by telling the student to put away the Bible. The Principal understood this, not the teacher though.

Just one problem there Palin, the Principal says “no teacher was involved whatsoever in telling the student to put away the Bible, or so the Blaze reported. While Palin has been all over Brian Williams this week for embellishing his tale about his experience in Iraq, here’s Palin, embellishing debunked stories to whip her dwindling audience into a frenzy so she can sell more books.

The word for that is “shill.”

The Alaskan shill continued whining about atheists suing schools and how persecuted Christians have become, saying:

It’s so sad to know that today, man, kids are, they have to, uh, walk on eggshells when they’re even talking about their faith anymore. We don’t have to surrender to that though, that’s not America! Freedom of religion is America. Freedom to express our faith, that’s freedom of speech!

That’s not a true statement; students can talk about their faith all they want. The student in her tall-tale is still allowed to bring his Bible to school for leisurely reading. The cases that atheists have taken to court are typically examples of forced religion on students — but that’s a little detail that is omitted from Palin’s jumbled diatribe because it would destroy her entire hypothetical persecution complex.

So when Palin opens the video saying she wished more adults would learn what the freedom of religion actually means, I hope she’s including herself.

Check out the entire word salad here:


H/T: Raw Story | Photo: screen capture via The  Sarah Palin Channel 

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