Lewis Black Returns To The Daily Show With A DIRE Warning For Millennials (VIDEO)

With election day looming, and the race as tight as every, comedian Lewis Black returned to The Daily Show with his “Back In Black” segment to try to shake some sense into the millennial voters who are either too lazy to vote or who might be considering a third party option — what Black says is “picking pot over president.”

“Why choose? Why not vote for weed to be president?” Black said. “At least then, if this country goes down in flames, we’ll all get a nice contact high. On the other hand, if Trump gets elected — weed’s not going to help. You’re going to need a f*cking anesthetic. And by anesthetic, I mean a suppository about this big that I’m going to shove up each and every one of your asses.”

After a montage of news reports and interviews with people who refuse to vote, either because they hate their choices, or they think it’s “too hard” to get to the polls, Lewis gave them a very loud dose of reality like only he can, even pointing out that A-list celebrities are practically “going down on them” to get them to go to the polls!

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Refusing to vote, or voting third party is a vote for Trump! Let’s hope they heard his message!


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