Let’s Take A Look Back 1 Year Ago At The Start Of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign (VIDEO)

It was approximately one year ago — Bernie Sanders stood at a small podium with a few press people and no crowd around him to make the announcement that he was running for President of the United States. Even on that day so long ago, Bernie’s message was as clear and on point as it is now. The only difference is that he didn’t have tens of thousands of cheering fans and millions of people across the nation dreaming of the day they would be able to see him as well.

From humble beginnings to a modern-day legend, Bernie started something up again that had been long forgotten in America. The nation was reminded that the people, when united, truly have the power.

Without the aid of corporate money and a message that has come to be defined as “not me – us,” he appealed to many people across America who have felt disenfranchised and forgotten by a corporate state that had left the rest of the nation behind during one of the worst economic disasters in American history.

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It started out like this


And turned into this


A lot of people thought it wasn’t possible. He was called “too fringe” and his oath against corporate money was going to be his doom; right up until he was embraced by America.

Now Bernie is a serious contender for the presidency, and it all started a year ago this month. What a difference a year makes.

Watch one more time the beginnings of one of the most memorable campaigns in modern American history below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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