Lester Holt Just Fact Checked The Sh*t Out Of Trump’s Birther Lies, Trump Left Incoherent (VIDEO)

Donald Trump just ate a huge pile of crow during the fact checking of his role in the “birther” movement that has been levied against President Obama. Trying to play himself off as a serious candidate seems to be just too much for Donald Trump.

Unable to handle the debate moderator, Lester Holt, fact checking him, Trump lost his composure. Well, “lost his composure,” may be an overly generous description 0f what actually happened. Trump wants the world to see him as the guy that “ended the debate” about birtherism — when he isn’t. But when that came up, he tried to deflect to him wanting to get to “creating jobs,” and “defeating ISIS.” (Things that he really had no plans for that he was able to articulate during the debate.)

Lester Holt brought up the fact that despite the fact that President Obama’s birth certificate has been available since 2011, yet Trump only finally gave up his “birther” crutch very recently. However, Trump couldn’t even admit his own failure, nor explain what made him change his mind. He could, however, congratulate himself a lot.

His response, incoherent:

Featured image via screen capture

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