Lester Holt Gets Trump To Admit His Hillary Attacks Are Based On Lies He Heard Somewhere (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has had a pretty discouraging week with all of his campaign staff woes, not to mention reports of his complete inadequacy at fundraising. Wednesday he tried to divert our attention with a scathing speech about Hillary Clinton, only that failed miserably because according to NBC’s fact-checking team, it was almost entirely lies!

One of the things Trump focused on during his speech Wednesday was (you guessed it) Hillary’s personal email server:

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Her server was easily hacked by foreign governments — perhaps even by her financial backers in Communist China — putting all of America in danger.

NBC News Reports:

The facts: U.S. officials have told NBC News that there is no evidence of penetration of the servers by hackers, although there is evidence of phishing attempts. Clinton’s campaign says that there is no evidence that her private server was ever hacked.

During a One on One sit-down interview with NBC Nightly News on Thursday, Lester Holt confronted him about that statement and asked Trump if there was “any evidence that it was hacked other than — routine phishing –”

I think I read that,” Trump said. “And I heard it, and somebody–”

“Where?” Holt pressed him.

“—that also gave me that information. I will report back to you. I’ll give it to you,” Trump said.

Trump wants to be president but gets his information from random gossip he overhears and doesn’t bother looking into. How comforting.

Watch the interview here:

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