Legendary Journalist Tom Brokaw Just Spanked Today’s Media For Ignoring Trump’s Lies (VIDEO)

One truly ugly trend in this year’s amazingly messed up presidential election has been the mainstream media’s complete and utter lack of fair and honest reporting. While Senator Bernie Sanders attracted thousands of people to his rallies, CNN preferred you’d see every single mouth fart Trump made. And now that Trump has finally secured the GOP nomination, one can expect the 24-hour Trump reality tv show to continue uninterrupted.

But Legendary Newsman Tom Brokaw is not having it. 

There’s no greater bastion of toady Trump humping than Morning Joe. Host Joe Scarborough devotes every one of his unwatchable yak fests to sticking his head firmly up Trump’s ass as he eschews all journalistic standards. But Brokaw, coming from an era of serious and astute journalism, called Scarborough and the MSM out on their refusal to challenge Trump’s massive mountain of BS.

TOM BROKAW: And the other thing is that in the course of the campaign, [Trump has] said some things that were just blatantly not true. He’s never been held accountable for it, so many of them, and the things that he’s said. Having said all of that, he did touch a big nerve out there and he ran a campaign that no one at this table or in the political world expected him to do as well as he has. But all factors in life are about how do you adjust to the reality of where you are next, how you’re going to deal with the next phase of this. And we’re now in the next phase. And if he keeps punching out the people in his own party in the way that he has, I don’t see how that’s going to help him. I just don’t. (Media Matters)

Kudos to Brokaw for putting the MSM on notice.

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