Legal Discrimination Begins: Indiana Bigot Brags About Refusing To Sell Food To LGBTs (AUDIO)

Indiana Governor Mike Pence swears up and down that the Religious Liberty Restoration Act has nothing to do with discrimination.  Either Mike Pence doesn’t understand the words he uses sometimes or he’s a complete moron.

Or both.

The first public instance of legal discrimination didn’t take long to rear its ugly head.  A man calling himself Ryan called into the radio show Kyle and Rachel on RadioNow 100.9 to brag about his bigotry:

I don’t want people to bring (their lifestyle) into my place of business and make other people feel uncomfortable.  I grew up Christian and I believe in, you know, man and woman, I guess Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve…

The hosts of the show tried repeatedly to get Ryan to disclose his business’ name and location, but he was far too cowardly to put a face to his discrimination.

Indiana Bigot proudly supports legal discrimination.

H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement | Image:

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