Leave It To Fox To Rationalize Islamophobia By Ignoring EVERYTHING Our Nation Stands For (VIDEO)

Todd Starnes not only looks like an evil Muppet, he has all the brains of one too. This Fox “News” host says what every non-thinking, Muslim hating, immigrant loathing, “Christian” supremacist believing, Constitution ignoring, GOP sycophant loser in America is thinking right now about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. He even follows it up with “if that makes me an Islamophobe, so be it!”

I guess if you feel that your book of choice means that you can ignore every part of our Constitution — which nowhere states that we will hate you if you share a religion with an extremist sect (Christians, look no farther than your Planned Parenthood bombers) — then you can imagine that it isn’t anti-American to reject 10,000 refugees simply due to their religion.

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Not all Islamic people are terrorists, and to label all of the people from a particular ethnic group (say the Jews) as being inferior or dangerous due to their extremists is something that has been done — and it caused a World War.

This fearmongering right-wing nutjob would have you believe that Obama is handpicking Jihadists and placing a thousand in every neighborhood in America to blow up your children. Sorry, but we only agreed to take 10,000 refugees in the first place. Also, only ONE of the terrorists that attacked France came in with their 25,000 refugees. I guess that this racist, self-declared Islamophobe elitist has forgotten our Timothy McVeys and Tom Kazinskis, our school shooters, mall shooters and Christian terrorists.

We live with the threat of domestic terrorism ending our children’s lives every day we send them to school, yet you don’t see them ignoring the Constitution to take guns from those terrorists. They won’t even follow it to implement common sense gun control to save our kids.

We live in a world that is on the brink of another World War and these crazy Republican assh*les want to push us over the edge so we can attack all the Middle East, all at once, to wipe out a religion they despise and damn the real death toll to your kids, their kids, and the millions of innocents living in those countries.

Watch Todd Starnes make an ass of himself:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XY-KjY6_8M&w=854&h=480]

Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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