Leaked Tips To White House Staffers On How To ‘Handle’ Trump Prove He’s A Petulent Toddler

Here are some of the tips being offered by former Trump campaign staffer on how to handle Trump’s awful personality. Parents might find some familiarity here:

  • Make sure he’s not alone for too long
  • Give him constant positive feedback or he’ll get moody
  • Keep things simple
  • If he’s getting upset, try distracting him with a different topic
  • Limit his television time

This is the man in charge of the United States military and has first-strike nuclear capabilities. He has the emotional depth of a particularly obnoxious toddler.

The tips were provided to White House staffers who have struggled to deal with Trump’s impulsivity and temperament. They come from the people who had to spent 18 months dealing with candidate Trump. They say by the end they had finally gotten him to stop rage-tweeting and flying off the handle. They hope his new staff in the White House can do the same some day.

The in-person touch is also important to keeping Trump from running too hot. One Trump associate said it’s important to show Trump deference and offer him praise and respect, as that will lead him to more often listen. And If Trump becomes obsessed with a grudge, aides need to try and change the subject, friends say. Leaving him alone for several hours can prove damaging, because he consumes too much television and gripes to people outside the White House.

It’s long been noted that Trump does not appear to be happy in his new role as president. He loved the worship he got from fans on the campaign trail but doesn’t like the actual job. It explains why, just 30 days in, Trump is already back to hitting the campaign trail for his re-election bid in 2020. This entire election was an exercise in vanity and now that it’s over (and he inexplicably won) the time to get serious offers very few opportunities for fanfare. Making promises on the campaign trail to huge cheers is one thing, being unable to follow through on any of them while in the White House is quite another.

The difficulty in controlling Trump is something many parents of young children can sympathize with. He gets into things he shouldn’t. He won’t eat his vegetables or take his medicine. He is prone to meltdowns, often in public. He craves attention.

The tips on how to work around Trump’s infantile emotions could certainly help, but they only go so far. During a crisis, Trump will need to be at his best and his aides won’t be able to afford to spoon feed him jars of Gerber to get him to settle down. Unfortunately, there is no sign that Trump will mature into the role. We have a toddler-in-chief.

Featured image via Sean Rayford/Getty Images

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