Lawrence O’Donnell BLISTERS Donald Trump: ‘John Wayne Was Fake’ (VIDEO)

Donald Trump was at the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, Iowa where the family of Wayne gave the Republican blowhard an endorsement from the dead man. To which Trump responded:

John Wayne represented strength, he represented power. He represented what the people are looking today because we have exactly the opposite from John Wayne right now in this country. He represented real strength and an inner strength that you don’t see very often. That’s why with this endorsement it meant so much to me.

Yes, that’s right. Not only did Trump receive an endorsement of Palin but also of the dead actor “John Wayne” who was born Marion Morrison.

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Lawrence O’Donnell points out that the actor was major asshole in real life who participated in the post-World War II witch hunt for “socialists” in Hollywood – as told in the movie “Trumbo.”

O’Donnell then gets to the root of the issue and why this endorsement is so perfectly fitting. He says:

Today, the fake tough guy with the fake name in effect endorsed the fake tough guy candidate who built his tough guy image by pretending to fire people on tv. . . The real John Wayne, Marion Morrison, is actually a mirror image of Donald Trump on one respect. Each of these fake tough guys completely ducked military service during war-time; Donald Trump during Vietnam and Marion Morrison during World War II. But, that didn’t give John Wayne any pause at all playing “tough” combat soldiers in World War II movies.

Watch this perfect take down here:

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