RWNJ Claims Obama Lets ISIS Send Ebola Patients Here So He Can Track Us With Fake Vaccines!

Extremist right-wing talk show host Laurie Roth hopped on BarbWire to share some frightening news with anyone too stupid to operate a can opener: President Obama is allowing ISIS to send Ebola-infected people to the United States so that he can capitalize on the panic to use Trojan horse vaccines to track people.

Boy, that would be scary if it had any chance of being true.

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Roth claims, without any evidence, that Central American refugee children are responsible for an outbreak of respiratory disease in the United States.

Roth writes:

“Think of the mysterious respiratory disease/virus that is acting similar to polio affecting our children and leading to paralysis called EVD 68. The CDC is saying this is quickly becoming a nationwide epidemic.”

Roth blames this on the favored scapegoat in the conservative world: Barack “disease flame thrower” Obama, a nickname he apparently picked up in Socialist Training Camp while he was learning to be a Muslim usurper of the officer of POTUS.

She goes on to explain that we are “pretending to attack” ISIS, and that the Islamic extremists are “bringing in their version of suicide bombers throughout America.” That’s right, folks — Ebola-infected people brought right across the border.

Laurie Roth

When it comes to RWNJs, Laurie Roth takes the cake, eats it, and then spews maniacal word salad about how the cake will destroy America. Photo of Laurie Roth: Young Kwak via Inlander.Com

Just to ensure she has the attention of her mouthbreathing, cretinous readers, Roth adds that, “They are most likely already peppered throughout many cities now.”

Then, Roth continues:

“Forget suicide bombers with explosives attached to them. They have evolved to the next level now. ISIS might as well join the disease party, so by Christmas we can have a nice variety package of destruction and horror…lets see, EVD 68, EBOLA, TB and Scabies. Anyone want some bloody slush with your Christmas hors d’oeuvres?”

Laurie Roth claims Obama’s behind it all!

Just ask Miss Crazypants, who explains that this is all part of the President’s plot to force-vaccinate Americans to poison Americans and simultaneously insert a tracking device into our bodies to completely steal away our privacy and freedom.

…And what is the purpose of all this disease, lack of protection and border security??? It appears to be potentially the “full meal deal” for Obama and his goals. 1) Establish over the next few years mindless, dependent and UN-American foreign voters and supporters for Obama and his goals. 2) Punish America for her achievements by riddling her with diseases and maiming her children. 3) Create a guise to declare martial law due to created outbreaks. Control speech, food, travel and health care. 4) Demand adults and children take some sort of mandated/mystery vaccination that kills off even more people.

My prediction is that a forced vaccination plan from Obama and his administration is on its way. This will not only allow someone put in control (so Obama can’t be blamed) to release something potentially fatal into our system, but also act as a tracker – the complete end of our privacy and freedom.

It’s OK, though. Crazypants has a solution that is oddly in line with every other right-wing problem-solver: Deport undocumented immigrants “that have purposely been positioned everywhere to spread disease and hide in plane sight.” She adds, “It is treason that they and their diseases have been sent to America’s schools and communities nationwide.”

Oh, and Jesus.

For those who actually believe in the real God of the Holy Bible and His power and promises for believers…start praying Psalm 91 protection over our country and your family. I have heard of countless and miraculous testimonies for years of people who have spoken forth this Psalm and believed it as the protection covenant of God for his people. I pray it daily for myself and family. Notice just part of the endless protections in this Psalm includes protection against pestilence and plagues. Take it, own it, believe it and thank God for it, while we figure out our battle plans of survival against this regime from hell. God is in control, not Obama.

While many right-wingers do tend to say some crazy things at times, this woman takes the cake, eats it, and then starts spewing ridiculous, nonsensical word salad about how the cake wants to destroy America.

h/t: RightWingWatch

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