Laugh-Out-Loud Kim Davis Parody: She Is The Very Model Of A Modern Fundamentalist!

Kim Davis, County Clerk from hell, has outlived her 15 minutes of fame, but infamy lives forever. The hypocritical nature of her entire life is ripe for satirical comedy. It isn’t every day a woman with four husbands and twins out of wedlock uses her new status as a “Christian” to impose her higher moral authority on those who just want to get married once.

Like most overnight right-wing heroes, once you start actually looking a little deeper into their “good-guyness” you realize most of them are like bug-eaten fruit, pretty enough on the outside but a nasty morass of bruises and putrification on the inside. To be clear, I am talking about heroes like Josh Duggar, Cliven Bundy, George Zimmerman, Kim Davis, and even Trump. However, sometimes putting all that nastiness to music makes for comedy gold.

This is probably the funniest parody I have seen yet:

Feature image via screen capture from YouTube.

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