Laugh Along With Samantha Bee As She Shows How Republicans Have No Hope To Win In 2016 (VIDEO)

Samantha Bee is like a lot of us. She knows just how unlikely a Republican presidential win is going to be in 2016. However, if you only get your “news” from the mainstream media, nobody really TELLS you that. This is why in America, we rely more on shows like Full Frontal and The Daily Show for some real talk when it comes to our politics.

Samantha explained the reality of the Republican presidential prospects for 2016. If one word sums up their chances, it would be “screwed.”

Ted Cruz is in deep denial when it comes to his chance of success. It’s gotten so bad, he’s turned to John Kasich for help. They’ve been collaborating on what states to campaign in, in order to ensure higher turnouts for each other, all in an effort to steal more votes away from Trump. It’s literally so bad that they are both helping their one opponent just so they look “less bad” against another. It would be like Pepsi telling you to drink RC Cola, just so you didn’t buy Coke on account that you hate Pepsi.

Kasich is even worse. Not only is he insisting he’s still a serious competitor, but he’s doing this while he is coming in with fewer votes than MARCO RUBIO. You know, the guy who is not even in the race anymore? Kasich is losing to a ghost, yet he’s still saying he will win.

There is zero chance that this will end with a Cruz win, and less than zero for Kasich. Cruz would need to get 100 percent of all remaining delegates to win without a contested convention. Kasich would literally need more than 100 percent.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, the guy that the entire Republican party is losing sleep over more and more each day, only needs a bit over 50 percent of the remaining lot to beat the chances of a contested convention.

The best bet Republicans have at this point is a contested convention, and the likelihood of that happening is diminishing more each day. 8 years ago, the Republican party started this rage machine that churned out Trump. It’s going to be hilarious watching them be forced to eat the crap sandwich that has been laying in the back of their refrigerator for the past 8 years when they have to hand him the nomination.

Watch Samantha Bee explain just how badly the Republicans are screwed below:

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