Latino Group Starts ‘Guac The Vote’ Campaign Offering Voter Registration At Taco Trucks (VIDEO)

In September, Donald Trump surrogate and reported scam artist Marco Gutierrez, who’s also the director of Latinos for Trump, made national headlines when he said this during an interview on MSNBC:

“My culture is a very dominant culture. And it’s impulsing [sic] and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

This unbelievably racist statement provoked a hailstorm of outrage and ridicule from Americans nationwide, but also from the global Latin community as a whole. However, it now seems that this incredibly stupid political gaffe has become a rallying cry for Latinos seeking to stop Trump.

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently took it a step further by launching a new initiative — called “Guac The Vote!” — aimed at getting out the Latino vote in November. According to Javier Palomarez, the chamber’s president, the organization is pulling together the strength of the 200+ local chambers of commerce and business associations that comprise the USHCC to help transform taco trucks into mobile voting registration centers.

“We are hoping in the next to weeks it will be in full swing,” said Palomarez, who added that work is underway to coalesce local chambers around the idea and in determining any spending for it.

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Trump’s campaign has brought out the worst in Americans, but in some ways, it has also forced Americans to find the best within themselves, as threats to our society often do.

And this initiative is a deliciously innovative answer to the racist and xenophobic hatred being spewed from the Trump campaign, and it’s media henchmen. Hopefully, this voter drive will serve to nourish both the motivation and bodies of those who are lucky enough to register at what has to be the most awesome voter registration stations in U.S. history.

Featured image via Twitter.

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