Larry Wilmore’s ‘Offensive’ Remarks About GOP Candidates Are Everything We’ve All Wanted To Say (VIDEO)

Larry Wilmore has noticed something….disturbing…about Marco Rubio.. Senator Rubio seems to be fixated on things being “rammed down the throat” of the American people. It’s a phrase he uses so often it becomes almost…no, it IS just creepy.

Larry feels the need to call him out on it, so after warning Rubio that his “Christian values” parenting would need to kick in and remove children from earshot, he lays it on the line and straight up tells him that his analogy is about “c*ck.” It was censored on television, too.

Some would say that Wilmore crossed a line with this one. Some would say he’s just stating the obvious. Isn’t that what the right-wing nutjobs say when they feel the need to point out that the president is a n*gger or that Hillary Clinton looks like a dyke? “It’s not racist. It’s not sexist. I’m just stating the truth.”

So maybe Larry played with a little low-hanging fruit here, but let’s be honest: every so often they just deserve it.

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Watch Larry Wilmore completely humiliate Rubio and Christie Below:

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