Larry Wilmore Lampoons The GOP Debate For Being So Full Of Jesus (VIDEO)

Classifying the “worst” out of a group of things that Republicans did isn’t always easy. How do you say which turd from a group of turds is the best one? However, in this case, the worst Republican 2016 debate so far, was easily the one on the Fox Business Channel.

The questions asked by moderators were insanely loaded by pre-criticizing Democrats and President Obama, and the fact checking, forcing to stay on topic and requesting actual answers to questions was completely non-existent.

It seriously could not have gotten worse. The debate moderators were performing the verbal equivalent of “fluffing” the candidates for 2 hours straight.

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Don’t worry. Comedy Central and The Nightly Show are setting the record straight, and calling out all the BS. Larry Wilmore mocked several of the candidates heavily for their nonsense and factless oral diarrhea that they called “answers” to the moderator questions.

Wilmore called Ben Carson “narcolepsy American” because he can’t talk without keeping his eyes closed. Another one he took particular delight with was Marco Rubio, who claimed we need more welders than philosophers today.

WILMORE: Outside of the fact that philosophers actually make more than welders, it’s your party’s philosophy to destroy the unions that make it possible for welders here who are trying to protect their jobs.

One would wonder why anyone would choose to be a welder in reality when you think of it like Larry does.

Also a target — Trump was hammered hard for his embrasure of Operation Wetback (yes that is the historically accurate name). Trump’s immigration policy, which would be based on this, would be literally a humanitarian crisis and potentially labeled as a war crime. I can’t see how the next debate will be worse, but I am completely convinced it will be. It’ll be as entertaining as watching a two-hour long train wreck.

Watch the complete loss of sanity by Republicans, and the coddling of them by Fox News below:

Featured Image via Comedy Central

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