Larry Wilmore: Even Fox News Isn’t Buying War Criminal Dick Cheney’s Bullsh*t On Iran And Iraq

Dick Cheney, the disgraced former Vice President who created ISIS, is making rounds again on the Sunday morning media decrying Obama’s deal with Iran — and, surprisingly, his claims are bit too much for even Fox News to swallow, according to The Nightly Show host, Larry Wilmore.

A poison pill

Cheney is a war hawk extraordinaire; the engineer of the Iraq War and war criminal, Cheney has never met a war that he hasn’t wanted to profit from.

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Like most Neocons, he’d love nothing more than a war with Iran — even though Iran is working against the terrorist organization that Cheney helped create: ISIS. As a result, he’s been attempting to rally the republic against Obama’s deal with Iran — a move that hasn’t set well with anyone, The Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore included:

There’s something wrong with the world when you lose Jon Stewart and retain Dick Cheney.

He played an interview with Dick Cheney where Cheney attempted to blame the nuclear proliferation in the Middle East on President Barack Obama, but Fox News anchor Chris Wallace quickly called him out.

Wilmore took Cheney to task for getting called out on Fox News, of all places:

If Chris Wallace hadn’t called you out on it, you’d been happy for everyone to just swallow that poison pill. A poison pill that even Fox News choked on.

Wilmore wasn’t finished, however, ripping into Cheney for the war, for never apologizing, and for never admitting his mistakes:

You knew it was wrong, you knew how it would end up and you did it anyway. You never apologized, you never admitted your mistakes. You just drop little lie bombs and make the brother clean up your mess. You are living in an extreme cognitive dissonance that not even Bill Belichick would recognize.

Most right-wingers are so efficient at compartmentalization that cognitive dissonance stops being a problem. They may care, but their belligerent ignorance keeps them from seeing it. Cheney, however, does not care, so cognitive dissonance isn’t a problem. He’s got his blood money and that’s all he wanted.

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