Larry Klayman: Obama Is A Muslim Who Will ‘Perhaps Be Rewarded With 72 Virgins’

Conservative lawyer and activist Larry Klayman proved that even an educated conservative is an ignorant, mindless shill last Friday when he penned an article for WorldNetDaily affirming all of the conspiracy theories about President Obama being an anti-Semitic Muslim.

Klayman, a former US Justice Department Attorney, said that “our Muslim president” is “selling out the country to the radical mullahs in Tehran.” He warned that Obama wants Iran to have nuclear weapons and that “perhaps he will be rewarded with 72 virgins in Islamic ‘heaven.'”

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We have a president who lied his way into the White House and continues to lie while in office. He is not a Christian. He is a Muslim, through his father and given his Islamic education as a child, as well as his continuing association with black-Muslim despots, Jew-haters like Rev. Louis Farrakhan and a host of others who are well-known for their racism and bigotry.

Klayman went on to praise Fox News actress Andrea Tantaros for being the only member of the mainstream media to make a fool of herself with these same accusations.

He then went on to talk about the President’s desire to uphold “Sharia Law”:

[T]he reality is that Obama did not want regime change in Iran. As a fellow Muslim by blood – under Shariah law he is Muslim by virtue of his father’s lineage – and in his heart and soul sympathetic with the so-called religion and culture, his actions vis-a-vis Iran, Israel, ISIS, the Palestine Liberation Organization and many other Islamic states, interests and terrorist groups can all be explained.

Klayman’s ridiculous rant was no doubt met with the head nodding of thousands of fellow imbeciles who actually believe all of these debunked idiocies tossed at the President over the last six years.

History will be kind to President Obama, because his accomplishments in the face of unmitigated hate and unprecedented obstruction are plentiful and impressive, whereas meatheads like Larry Klayman will fade into oblivion with a slew of other nut-cases just like him.

H/T: Right Wing Watch | Image: Screen Capture via Addicting Info

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