‘Lame Duck’ President Obama Now The Golden Goose Scoring Policy Victories Against Republicans

Meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman today, President Barack Obama is anything, but the quintessential “lame duck” president. As a result of the approved Iran nuclear agreement, Saudi Arabia will be less able to influence US foreign policy in the region.

Achieving the needed Senate votes for the Iran deal is just one of many victories the President has achieved since the 2014 midterm elections. Those elections were supposedly a ringing endorsement for the GOP and a slap in the face to Obama. His presidency was effectively over, and nothing of any substance would be accomplished until after the 2016 election.

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Here are some of President Obama’s accomplishments since experts began signing his political death certificate after the 2014 midterms:

  • Successful implementation of new policy in Iran
  • Renewed relationship with Cuba, including embassy reopenings
  • Marriage equality
  • The Affordable Care Act FINALLY being upheld by the Supreme Court
  • Fast track promotion authority
  • Overtime pay
  • Climate agreement with China
  • Net neutrality
  • New environmental safeguards
  • New immigration policy
  • American prisoners in North Korea freed

Experts and Republican bigwigs assumed he would just fold like a house of cards, whimpering and going away quietly. However, they didn’t count on this President’s resolve in keeping his promises to the people who put him in office. Amazing what a President can do when he doesn’t give up on the American people, isn’t it?

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