Lady Liberty Goes Completely Dark, Joins #THERESISTANCE

On Monday, we learned that Donald Trump and his bigoted administration are rolling out a cleaned up version of their Muslim ban. During the chaotic rollout of the first order, where bunches of people — including sick children, the elderly, refugees who had suffered unspeakable horrors and violence, and even interpreters and others who had risked their lives for America — were detained at airports or the border, everyone referenced the Statue of Liberty, and how she wept at this un-American action. Now that the second order has been rolled out and is set to take effect on March 16, 2017 — only with language that could be perceived as a religious test taken out and a few other cosmetic changes, a very curious thing has happened: The Statue of Liberty went completely dark on Tuesday night.

While it was later reported that this was simply a technical issue, the timing and symbolism cannot be ignored here. Further, Wednesday is International Women’s Day, and in protest of Trump’s misogyny and the anti-woman policies of his administration, there will be a nationwide Day Without a Woman protest. There will be a rally at the Department of Labor, and rallies around the nation. There will also be a push to urge women not to purchase anything online or in stores, and, if possible, to stay home from work and protest instead.

While this was certainly not intentional, and I am the last one to believe in divine intervention, it’s kind of hard to just accept it as some weird coincidence, considering the timing. Either way, this is stunning, and regardless of why it happened, I stand with Lady Liberty on this one.

Featured image via screen capture from Twitter

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